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What Should I Do On The Fourth Of July With My Dog?

Jarret J


1. SHOPPING - There are so many things you can do for Fourth of July this year, Why not plan something with your dog involved?! Stores are starting to fill up with hats, scarfs, fireworks, T-shirts and bandana’s, the works.

A distressed american paw shirt on a bright background with blue jeans brown boots and a brown hat | Bubu Brands

2. PARTIES - Your dog should definitely enjoy all the things that Fourth of July has to offer. The parties will be fun, extreme and everyone would love to have a dog there. Trust me.

A bulldog holding an american flag | Bubu Brands

3. FIREWORKS - The one thing that we recommended is keeping your dog stress-free during the Fourth of July fireworks. Keep your pup inside during the fireworks show, create white noise and a quiet place for your dogs during this time. There are reports that more dogs go missing on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Please remember, this day is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

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4. DRESS UP - Spending some time with friends and family is what Fourth of July is all about. So grab your dog, dress them up, snap a few pictures, make sure they’re comfortable and enjoy the holiday!
Below are a few ideas for things you can dress your dog up for fourth of July.

A bright colored dog wearing an american flag hat in front of a bright background | Bubu Brands

Written By: Emma Fournier
Edited By: Jarret J

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