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Top 10 Gifts For Father's Day!

Jarret J


1. For the Fashionable Dog Dad

A dark tshirt that says dog dad | Bubu Brands
Description: By Daisy Design Company "Show off your dog dad pride in this t-shirt! T-shirts are made to order and can offer an array of color combinations."
Cost: $20.00+ 

2. Crazy Socks That Rock Your Pup

Bright colored socks with golden retrievers all over them | Bubu Brands
Description: By Pup Socks "Print your pup on a beautiful pair of cozy socks. Show off your loved one everywhere you go."
Cost: $24.99+ 

3. Father Knows Best With A Flask

Tons of dog breeds to choose from a flask with different dog breeds on it | Bubu Brands
Description: By Mystic Sloth Co. "Adorable Breed specific Stainless Steel 8oz flask for the Dog Lover in your life! With more than 20 breeds to choose from, there's a flask for everyone on your gift giving list.."
Cost: $29.99

4. Coffee Table Read

A book called i could chew on this. With a multi colored dog sitting on a blue velvet chair. | Bubu Brands
Description: By Francesco Marciuliano "Don’t miss the canine companion to the New York Times bestseller I Could Pee on This, titled I Could Chew on This. You will laugh out loud at this hilarious and creative book, in which doggie laureates not only chew on quite a lot of things, they also reveal their creativity, their hidden motives, and their eternal, though sometimes misguided, effervescence."
Cost: $8.49

5. For the “Glassy” Dad

A dog beer mug that says kahluahs dad with a paw print in dark lettering | Bubu Brands
Description: By Kahluas Kookies "Custom Dog Dad Beer Mug."
Cost: $10.00

6. Not just for Boxer Dads

Light colored boxers with dogs printed all over them. | Bubu Brands
Description: By J. Crew 
Cost: $8.00

7.  Because Shed Happens

A light colored coffee mug that has a picture of a dog and says shed happens | Bubu Brands
Description: By Handpicked By Hadlie "These "campfire" style coffee mugs are the perfect addition to you and your pet's morning routine."
Cost: $15.00

8. For the Techy Dad

A machine called the pet cube that is pushing out a dog treat while someone is controlling a phone where they can see a light colored dog in front of the machine | Bubu Brands
Description: By Petcube Store "All-in-one pet cam that flings treats. See and talk to your pet in 1080p HD."
Cost: $199.00+

9. For a Good Cause and a Great Smell

A candle that is light in color on top of a wooden table that says light when the dog farts | Bubu Brands
Description: By Handmadebyswans "This fabulous candle Smells like Vanilla and waffles - YUMMY! (don't eat it though!)"
Cost: $6.16

10. And you’ll need a card!

A bright colored card that says happy fathers day to the best dog dad | Bubu Brands
Description: By Cheeky Card Shop "Happy Father's Day to the best dog dad.  "
Cost: $3.42
Written By: Rachel Ann Morrison
Edited By: Jarret J

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