The Journey

BUBU BRANDS commenced with a love affair the founder forged with his Norwegian Buhund eight years ago. When his pup Wyatt arrived there was an immediate bond. It was during this time, the founder realized the corporate arena he was immersed in, was not what he truly loved doing. He set out to provide premium, products to fellow pet lovers and bid adieu to his career. He now develops pet products with a passion.
This is why BUBU Brands is an affair of the heart. We want everyone to understand what we feed our dog is what you see here.
You are buying what we believe are the finest products available.


Our view is BUBU BRANDS represents a certain type of lifestyle, a synergistic way of melding healthy pet products with an active way of life that today's pet owners enjoy. It is that coalition, the bonding with your pet, that drives us to deliver our products to market.
We want to assure our customers in the future, we will develop new, healthy products to accentuate their passion for their pet.


As a company we understand your dog is valued part of your family.
In essence, your dog is part of a world family. BUBU BRANDS feels that people around the world have the same infinity to provide healthy, happy environments for their pets. The devotion our pets portray to us is unbridled. They provide a limitless space of love.
Our activity time revolves around them. Our interaction with our pets supplies the time away, we all need to refuel our minds and bodies. Pets are what some people refer to as, “gifts”. Spend time with your treasure and, go for a run, walk, hike or swim with your pet. When you get home, give them a reward, a BUBU BRANDS treat.