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Summer Activities To Do With My Dog?

Jarret J

Summer Activities To Do With My Dog?

Dogs deserve to have a great summer too. I know what you’re thinking: it’s hot, it’s muggy and your dog looks miserable. There are so many nice, relaxing things you and your dog can do this summer that will help both of you cool off!

1. Make a frozen treat using Bubu Brands treats

There are so many recipes for frozen dog treats that are super easy to make and delicious for your dog. My favorite: melt peanut butter, pour into an ice cube ray or popsicle trays and top with your favorite crushed Bubu Brands treats then freeze them until firm!
You can add different ingredients to make this frozen treat even better for your dog. Check out this BuzzFeed article for more delicious, cooling treats for your fur best friend.
A golden Retriever Dog Eating Ice Cream | Bubu Brands

2. Take a Class

Nowadays there are so many socialization classes and yoga classes for you and your dog. It’s a cool bonding experience and something your dog can do to meet some other dogs. Usually these types of events are hanging up in local dog businesses or in the local paper for more information regarding these classes!
A light colored corgi dog on a light colored yoga mat with a light colored weight | Bubu Brands

3. Swimming

It seems like every year, the summer’s get hotter. Spending the day at the lake or the beach is something you and your dog would appreciate. The cool air, the ability to relax while your dog enjoys a much needed swim, it’s a win win for everyone.
A light colored malinois dog jumping into water | Bubu Brands

4. Obstacle course

Something to keep you and your dog on their toes. Turning your backyard into something where you and your dog can learn some new tricks is something you can say you completed this summer. It’s fun, a little bit risky and really will help you bond with your dog.
A spotted dog running through a bright tunnel on an obstacle course | Bubu Brands
Written By: Emma Fournier
Edited By: Jarret J 

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