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What Are The Top 10 Dog Breeds Of 2018?

Jarret J

What Are The Top 10 Dog Breeds Of 2018?

To set the tone of the article, let’s agree that all dogs of all breeds are the greatest gift humans could ever ask for. We worked tirelessly on choosing the breeds that compile this list, brainstorming and debating all the information we could find. This list is completely objective, but we hope you gain new information about a favorite breed or learn about a completely new breed!

1. Golden Retriever

Frequently used as service dogs, so of course they are known for their loyalty and care giving.

A light colored golden retriever | Bubu Brands

2. Havanese

Hypoallergenic and non-territorial. Most small dogs latch onto one person but this breed gives love to everyone. 

 A light and dark havanese in a multi colored ball pit | Bubu Brands

3. Bulldog

Small, sturdy, and not the most energetic fellas. They can put up with a lot, even kids!

A light colored bulldog laying on a light colored front step | Bubu Brands

4. Bull Terrier

Intelligent, energetic and friendly dogs that can take a lot while still remaining calm. Perfect for large families!

A light and dark colored bull terrier in a field | Bubu Brands

5. Collie

They’re so loyal to their humans and would do anything to please them!

A light colored border collie standing in front of a light colored wall | Bubu Brands

6. Newfoundland

Giant furballs that are hard not to love! While they may slobber and shed, they’re known for their natural love of children.

A dark newfoundland in a grassy area | Bubu Brands

7. Irish Setter

Both energetic and playful! Perfect for a family with a big yard and kids that love to run around.

A dark colored irish setter laying in dark grass | Bubu Brands

8. Goldendoodle

Hypoallergenic, good in nature and make excellent playmates for kids!

A light colored goldendoodle puppy laying on a gravel road | Bubu Brands

9. Labrador Retriever

More reliable than the sun shining down each day! Probably one of the best known family dogs.

A light colored labrador retriever sitting in front of a light colored wall | Bubu Brands

10. Vizsla

Kind, gentle, loyal, and affectionate.

A dark colored vizsla standing on a light colored sandy beach | Bubu Brands

Written By: Madie Meyers
Edited By: Jarret J 


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