Top 10 Travel Essentials For Traveling With Pets!

Top 10 Travel Essentials For Traveling With Pets!

Jarret J

Have you ever wondered what you should bring when traveling with your dog? Well we've compiled a list of the top must haves that are essential to travel. Like the one time you had a delay at the airport and needed to have a comfortable spot for your dog to sleep. Or that one time your pup got sick in an Enterprise car and you needed cleaning supplies. Check out the list below for all of your needs. 

1.Favorite Dog Bed/Blanket Dogs

Want to be comfortable too, especially on a long car ride. Pack their favorite dog beg or a blanket with you and your homes’ scent. This will help them remain calm and cozy.
Two dogs one light colored and one dark laying on top of a light colored bed cover | Bubu Brands

2. Lid Locking Container

We all get hungry on car rides, so be sure to pack their food and treats in an easy to get to container with a lid for easy access.
Glass containers filled with different spices with a light colored lid | Bubu Brands

3. Collapsible Water/Food Bowl Pit

Stops are for two things only: water & potty breaks. By using a collapsible bowl, you’ll be able to quickly provide water for your pups and collapse it back down for easy storage.
Two dark colored dog water bowls with light colored clips attached to them | Bubu Brands

4. Waste Bags 

Chance are you will be exploring places that are both pet-friendly and not pet-friendly. Make sure you are carrying plenty of waste bags for when your pet’s just gotta go!
A light colored poop bag holder in the shape of a bone with a clip attached to it and a light colored bag coming out of the middle | Bubu Brands

5. Favorite Toys

Being away from home can worry most pets. By packing their favorite toys, you are keeping their mind off of the travel and more on the fun!
A dark colored dog holding a light colored dog toy | Bubu Brands

6. ID Tags

Staying safe is key when traveling, so make sure your pets have up-to-date ID tags in case they get lost.
A light colored dog tag that says "Treat Yo Self" | Bubu Brands

7. Medicine

A lot of dogs get nervous or anxious in cars, so you might want to ask your vet for a calming or anti-nausea medicine before hitting the road.
A light colored jar with light colored medicine spilling out of it | Bubu Brands

8. Seat Covers

You never know what may happen during a long car ride, so be sure to keep your seats safe with a car seat cover or extra large blanket on top. If it rains during pit stops, you’ll be glad you did!
A dark colored dog seat cover in a car | Bubu Brands

9. First Aid Kit

Exploring new territories can come with its surprises. If you are traveling far away or to a wooded area, be sure to bring a first aid kit for stings, cuts, or burns. You can never be to careful!
A bright colored first aid kit on a bright background | Bubu Brands

10. Cleaning Supplies

There’s no such thing as clean when it comes to pet, but it is best to always be prepared for accidents or mud when traveling. Back items such as baby wipes, water, and garbage bags to quickly clean up messes.
Two bright colored spray bottles for cleaning | Bubu Brands
Written By: Sydney Johnson
Edited By: Jarret J 

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