What to Give Your Dog to Help With Their Sensitive Stomach

What to Give Your Dog to Help With Their Sensitive Stomach

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Do you have a furry friend with some serious tummy troubles? Have you had to give more than one inconveniently timed bath to get the remains of a potty mishap out of your dog’s fur? Are you burning a hole in your already empty wallet from paying vet bills to find the source of your dog’s mysterious illness? Well then, you have come to the right place! I have a list of tried and tested products that will help calm all of your four-legged companion’s intestinal issues! Keep in mind, I am not a vet. Just a concerned doggy mama who spent way too much money on vet office visits. I swear by this list of supplements and products for my pack of doodles - one of which has the stomach to beat all sensitive stomachs.

1.) Green Juju: This frozen green mixture is quite literally a miracle in a cup. It is made from all organic super-foods mixed with bone broth to entice your pup to slurp up every last drop. I found that mixing a heaping tablespoon of this glorious mixture with food twice a day (mixed with chicken and rice for two days when she is sick, then mixed with her normal kibble after that) cleared up any issue that was brewing in her belly.

White carton that reads "GREEN JUJU" without a lid and a green slushee substance is inside

2.) Probiotics: It seems like there is a new finding every day on the importance of the gut microbiome. Adding a probiotic to your dog’s daily diet can serve so many benefits, not just for those with sensitive stomachs. Vets recommend using a powdered probiotic due to the powder allowing for more efficient absorption, but you can get probiotic treats and pills, as well! I give all three of my doodles Purina FortiFlora packets once a day, which was the brand recommended by my vet andI have back up probiotic treats in case they decide to be picky about their food that day.

3.) Yogurt/Goat Milk: Yogurt and goat milk do the same thing as probiotics (plus they are a yummy treat for your pooch) but beware, some dogs can have a dairy sensitivity which will make their tummy troubles worse instead of better. I give my dogs one heaping tablespoon of nonfat Greek yogurt every morning. Pro-tip: you can freeze a serving in a KONG toy to help stimulate their minds and cool them down as the summer season is approaching! I use Primal raw goat milk when I am taking a break from yogurt (usually after payday since it is more expensive than yogurt - your girl is on a budget). It has added turmeric and black pepper which someone once told me were good for dogs so I stuck with it. Don’t be alarmed by the odd texture of it (it is kind of chunky because it is a raw food) but be sure to pay attention to the expiration date since it is chunky to begin with!
Two cartons of PRIMAL goat milk - one large and one small

4.) Green Beans: Arguably the worst vegetable of your childhood is now going to be your best friend. Green beans are packed with fiber and really help fix the issue of soft stool. I buy a bag of fresh green beans every time I go grocery shopping for myself and give my dogs a handful of them with one of their daily meals. I believe that you can substitute the fresh for frozen when you are in a pinch, but my dogs definitely prefer fresh. Divas.

5.) Pumpkin: This one is kind of iffy for me. My dogs love the taste of it, but all it does for them is change their loose stool into a bright orange loose stool. Other people have claimed that it helped their dogs stay regular, so I guess it is just my dogs being difficult. Typical. You will want to be sure that you are buying 100% pure pumpkin puree, not pumpkin pie filling. Save the pumpkin pie for your next family dinner.

Again, I am not a vet, so if you have a serious concern, please consult a professional! Good luck dealing with tummy troubles!

Written by: Rylie M. [@service.dood.sage on Instagram]

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