Traveling with a Dog/Service Dog - What to Pack

Traveling with a Dog/Service Dog - What to Pack

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Traveling with a furry friend in tow? You are in for a wild, yet memorable ride! Traveling and seeing the world is great, but traveling with a dog can feel like a daunting task at times. I know, I’ve been there. I travel down to NYC about once a month and have my packing list down to a science. Here we go!

General dog essentials:

  • Leash and collar - I think this goes without saying...
  • Travel bowls - You can get some very helpful collapsable bowls that clip to anything, or you can get a bowl and water bottle duo if you aren’t going to have access to running water where you are and want to have some on hand
  • Pet wipes - You never know what kind of mess your dog is going to get into and pet wipes can save you a lot of heartaches when you have nothing to clean their paws or any other body part that might be dirty.
  • Treats and toys - Again, self-explanatory

Yellow lab lays in a pile of brightly colored dog toys while looking at the camera | Bubu Brands

  • Crate - You might want to bring a crate or travel pen with you for when you are going somewhere that is not pet-friendly to deter any naughty separation anxiety behavior!
  • Rain jacket/cooling coat/doggy boots - Depending on the weather you are expecting at your destination, you might want to invest in some quality gear to protect against the elements. Nobody likes to smell a wet dog!
  • Dog food - You would be surprised the number of times I have almost forgotten this one...I have found it helpful to bring at least three extra servings of food, just in case
  • Poop bags - You know what to do with these
  • Light up collar - If you are going to be outside after dark in an unfamiliar and crowded area you are going to want to invest in some serious light up gear to help people identify your dog. It also helps a ton if your dog is going to be off leash when it is darker out.
    • Find my favorite here: 
    • Car harness and doggy seatbelt - Safety is key after all!
    • Grooming supplies - This one is pretty underrated, but quite possibly one of the most important items on the list. Your dog is going to be going everywhere with you, which means you will most likely experience some crazy fur knots. Trust me. Bring a comb and some nice grooming spray.

    Tri colored dog rides in a car with its head out the window and tongue out. It appears to be smiling. | Bubu Brands

    Service dog specific gear:

    • Vests/harnesses - I usually bring at least one vest and a backup in case something were to happen to my main gear.
    • Travel blanket - I found it helpful to have something to put on the ground when using public transportation so I don’t have to worry about all the germs on the floor and well as I can give her a messier chew (no-hides are our favorite for travel - they are super long-lasting and have no odor) and not worry about leaving bits behind embedded in the carpet
      • This is the brand that I got last year and it has been a lifesaver:
      • Law cards - You never know if the places you will be traveling have ever had experience with service dogs, and law cards can be an easy way to clear up any confusion
      • Training tools - You are going to want to bring anything that you use to help communicate with your dog (clicker, prong collar, e-collar, etc)
      • Leash wraps - You can never have too many things to tell the public not to touch your dog...and they still probably aren’t going to listen
      A brown and white spotted dog stands on a rock above a river with a mountain covered in green trees behind her | Bubu Brands

      If anyone has any other tips for things you have found helpful to bring with you on a trip, please let your girl know! I am always looking for ways to streamline the process of packing! Good luck!

      Written by: Rylie M. (@service.dood.sage on instagram)

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