Foods Your Dog Should Avoid!

Foods Your Dog Should Avoid!

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Foods to Avoid

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Foods that are perfectly suitable for human consumption can be completely toxic to your dog, even common household items! Here are some foods you want to avoid:

*Keep in mind, some ingredients on this list may not toxic to dogs, but the food can pose a threat when incorrectly digested. 


NO! - Foods


  •         Almond

o   Can block the esophagus or tear the windpipe if not chewed completely

 A bowl of almonds in a light colored bowl on a wood table | Bubu Brands

  •         Avocado

o   Primarily the pit, choking hazard and if consumed could cause diarrhea and vomiting

 A person holding a bright avocado cut in half in each hand | Bubu Brands

  •         Cat Food

o   Different proteins and fat levels compared to typical dog food, will cause an upset stomach and can lead to obesity

 A picture of a light colored bowl in the shape of a cat head holding multi colored cat food | Bubu Brands

  •         Chocolate

o   Very poisonous, the darker the chocolate the more toxic to consume

 A glass jar filled with dark chocolate pouring onto a counter | Bubu Brands

  •         Cooked Bones

o   When chewed can splinter and pose a threat for internal injury, gum and teeth damage

 A image of cooked lamb ribs on a dark table | Bubu Brands

  •         Grapes

o   Very poisonous, can cause kidney damage leading to kidney failure

 A cluster of dark grapes hanging from a bright tree | Bubu Brands

  •         Macadamia Nuts

o   Very poisonous, can cause weakness, vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia

 A tablespoon of dark macadamia nuts on a light colored table | Bubu Brands

  •         Onions

o   Very poisonous, contain disulfides and sulfoxides that can cause anemia and damage red blood cells

 A pile of bright onions | Bubu Brands

  •         Salt

o   High levels of consumption can lead to diarrhea, tremors or even seizures

 A pile of crystalized light colored salt | Bubu Brands



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