Journey | Bubu Brands

BUBU Brands began as a love affair the founder forged with his Norwegian Buhund over the last three years. When his pup Wyatt arrived there was an immediate bonding process that has grown into a new, active lifestyle. It was during this time, the founder of BUBU realized that the corporate arena he was immersed in was not what he truly loved doing. Without hesitation, he set out to provide premium, pet products to fellow pet lovers and leave the career he had enjoyed for some time. He now develops pet products with the same passion that drove him in his past, except with a deeper, personal touch.
This is an affair of the heart, the BUBU Brand. We want everyone to know that what we sell, is what we hand to our pets. You are buying what we believe is an extension of the respect the BUBU team has for all animals in the world.